Artist Grant McSherry

Website and virtual art gallery of Grant McSherry, New Zealand artist and landscape painter.

New Zealand artist Grant McSherry strives to create New Zealand experiences through his large and detailed oil paintings and fine art prints.

Oil painting Newfoundland dogs

"Art is a human expression; an artist’s paintings are unique, like fingerprints. For me painting is about combining my individuality and creative ability to reinvent my own experiences and sense of place. I consider my oil paintings to be entities of presence rather than mere images, soulful in comparison to the digitally created and enhanced imagery we consume daily. I don’t limit my work by the constraints of today’s general mantra of ‘quick and cheap’… My art takes time and energy and it demands the use of quality materials - my paintings carry my name."

- Grant McSherry 2018.

Grant McSherry produces large format, limited edition art prints made in Canterbury, New Zealand from many of his oil paintings.

Original oil paintings and hand signed & numbered limited edition art prints on paper as well as limited edition Giclee fine art prints on canvas by Grant McSherry are available for purchase here, directly from the artist.

Grant McSherry's paintings have featured in International Artist Magazine. His New Zealand paintings and limited edition art prints have sold internationally since 2002.

'Craig's Chair'. Oil painting on linen 'Strolling the Tranzalpine'. Oil painting on linen 'Beyond the Worryline'. Oil painting on linen