Newfoundlands Enzo and Henry wait for the blower to be turned on.

We are frequently asked about grooming our Newfs. The truth is, grooming is a bit of a circus - lots of clowning around and plenty of fun. As soon as the 'dog blower' comes out, both Newfoundland boys lie beside it in anticipation...Enzo sometimes even whacks it with his paw to try to start the blower himself.

Newfoundland Henry being groomed






The blower fires up and the fun starts! Here Newfoundland Henry is enjoying his turn while Enzo looks on...

Newfoundland Enzo being groomed





Enzo the Newfy has a turn while Henry lines up for his next go...

Makes my jowels flap around!






When our Newfoundlands were fist introduced to the blower as pups all hell broke loose as both boys appeared to believe we were trying to murder them with the noisy appliance. Within a short while however, the blower became a favourite treat for the Newfs. It easily removes dirt and dead skin and separates fur. Its tremendous for drying off after swimming too...

Newfoundlands Henry & Enzo taking an autumn walk with friends  in Hagley Park



We enjoyed an autumn walk with friends from the Southern Newfoundland Society in Hagley Park on Sunday May 6th, 2012. It was great to see a few other brown Newfs in the group.

Newfy walks always take a while...





As usual the walk took a while as we were stopped by plenty of tourists with cameras ...

Christian the Newfoundland










Here's Christian the Newfoundland ambushing an unsuspecting victim who was having a chat with his mum during our autumn get together in the park...

Newfies often display what appears to be a great sense of humour.

Newfoundland dogs Enzo and Henry




Woohoo! winter's here!

Arriving in 2012 on June 6th, the snow was kind of early.

Enzo the Newfoundland




Snow fell all day and our two Newfoundland boys Henry and Enzo enjoyed a game of tag or two on the back lawn...

Enzo tackles Henry





...although an illegal tackle may have been made here and there...




Newfies Enzo and Henry





No hard feelings though.





Newfoundland dog Henry










The first day of snow is just hard to beat.

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