Newfoundland Enzo enjoying the fresh snow






The snow stopped falling after about 18 hours on June 6th 2012, leaving about 22cms of fresh powder on the lawn for the Newfoundland boys to play in.

Newfoundland Henry in full flight





Although Newfs are renowned for being couch potatoes they certainly have bursts of energy and can move extremely fast when they want to.

Newfoundlands Enzo and Henry in the mountains




The following Saturday we took the boys into the mountains for more fun in the snow...

Newfoundland Enzo in full flight

Although the snow was up to our knees in places the Newfy boys didn't seem to mind.

Newfoundland Henry deep in the snow





Henry was past his knees in snow at this point but not worried at all...

Newfoundland Enzo catching snowballs







Here Newfoundlands Enzo and Henry are beside the frozen Lake Lyndon, attempting to catch snowballs.

Newfoundlands Enzo and Henry admiring the mountain vista




One last chance to take in the awesome vista before it was time to leave.

One of these things is not like the others...

A month or two ago a new girl, named Esther moved in with our friend Rob next door. What better way to get acquainted than a walk in the park. Turned a few heads mind you...







Esther is a miniature Jack Russell, so she's not that big really. Sometimes when we come across small dogs their owners scoop them up in their arms apparently fearful that the Newfy boys might be hungry. Occasionally my sense of humour gets the better of me and I make a thing about trying to pick up one of the Newfs too...

Although Enzo appears to be entertaining such thoughts here there's no way he or Henry would hurt the wee dog.

Newfoundlands Enzo & Henry with Esther, the girl next door.



The size difference didn't count for much on Esther's behalf and she was quite at home leaping around Henry & Enzo.

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