Newfoundlands Henry & Enzo at New Regent Street, Christchurch, NZTwo years after the initial September 4 Darfield earthquake and around nine months after the last substantial Christchurch quakes we explored the central business district of Christchurch City along with Henry and Enzo.

185 people lost their lives during the Christchurch earthquakes of February 22nd, 2011 and 11,432 were badly injured.

New Regent Street was once humming, colourful and vibrant.

Newfoundlands Henry & Enzo at Gloucester Street, Christchurch, NZ



One of the piles of rubble behind Henry and Enzo contains the remains of our favourite place for a sit down Pizza lunch; Winnie bagoes, on Gloucester St.

Newfoundlands Enzo & Henry standing where a quake damaged building has been demolished, Christchurch City, NZ





Can't remember which building used to be where Enzo and Henry are standing, near the corner of Manchester and Worcester Sts. Behind is the Trinity building which housed a restaurant and a live music venue. We understand that this historic building will be restored.

Henry & Enzo near the quake damaged Christ Church Cathedral, Christchurch, NZ.

The iconic Christ Church Cathedral is not so fortunate. Progress on demolition has stalled while the decision to take the cathedral down is being challenged. Although we understand the Anglican Church has accepted the situation, others want the church to be rebuilt as it was...

Newfoundland Enzo takes time out on another park bench



This is Durham St, beside the Avon River. A little further upstream the last of the nightclubs on the very popular 'strip' were being demolished.

Newfoundlands Henry & Enzo at Manchester Street, Christchurch, NZ






Manchester St...we often used that car park but there's no reason to now, even if it was operational...check out the open plan building design in the background.

Newfoundlands Henry & Enzo at Durham Street, Christchurch, NZ






Here we are on Durham St, which we could now drive all the way down from Bealey Ave. Here's yet another church building in strife and many other historic churches have completely gone.

For a look at the temporary 'Container Mall' or 'Restart Mall' check out p13.


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