Newfoundland Enzo towing a dinghy


Our Newfy club timed the season's first water rescue training day perfectly. November 25 was a beautiful warm Sunday in Christchurch, New Zealand.

Enzo got straight into swimming out and bringing Michelle and the dinghy to the safety of the shore.

Newfoundland Enzo tows the dinghy by an oar



O for Oarsome!

On his second run Enzo couldn't wait for Michelle to throw a rope, he just grabbed the dinghy by an oar and swam it to shore...

Hi there! can I come aboard?



"Hi there, can I come aboard?"

Soon it became evident that Newfoundland Enzo was keen to be on the boat...


Hmmm. This looks like a good place to sit...




While Newfoundland Enzo was most comfortable clambering around on board, Michelle found it a little difficult to row...

How about a cuddle Mum?



...Especially when Enzo the Newfy wanted cuddles.

"see ya!"...or is thast Sea ya?"

Time to leave the boat...or disembark (to use a more doggy term).

Newfy Enzo a split second after disembarking

Splash down...

Newfoundland Enzo tows the dinghy




And back to shore we go...



Newfy Enzo tries to bring the dinghy all the way up the bank...




Not content with just taking the dinghy to shore, Enzo the Newf thought it might be a good idea to take the dinghy up the bank to show Henry, who was waiting in the car.

Newfoundlands Enzo and Henry resting in the car




This was all pretty hard work. Time for a break...

Newfoundland dogs Henry & Enzo on their couch

...So we have enough energy to go home for a rest.

Newfoundland Henry with friends at the 2012 Rangiora Christmas parade

Rested and ready for the 2012 Christmas parade in Rangiora, Henry & Enzo got into the spirit of the day along with several of their Newfy friends. Once again the Newfoundlands were a hit with the crowd.

Henry was on carting duty while Enzo (not in shot) mingled with the crowd.

Newfoundlands Henry & Enzo ready for Christmas

Merry Christmas!

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