'Henry T Ford' with Henry's T Ford...


During our walk on Boxing Day 2010, we came across a vintage car club having a picnic in our local park.

We had to get a shot of our 'Newfhaven's Blak Henry T. Ford' (which is Henry's full and proper title) with Henry Ford's black model T.

This beautiful 95 - year - old model T still had a really glossy coat...

Enzo keeps the hot air balloons away









As well as vintage cars we see other pretty cool things in our home town on a regular basis. A steam train rolls through several times every winter and on still mornings we frequently see and hear hot air balloons overhead, sometimes three at a time.

Hot air balloons are not popular with Enzo, who makes a point of giving them a pretty good telling off whenever they appear.

Unfortunately the camera makes this one look much further away than it actually was. There is no doubt that the people in the balloon, as well as the neighbours, would have heard Enzo on this morning.



Enzo is intrigued with his new house guest, Kelsey, the Shelty.

I was collecting some paintings in West Melton on February 22 when we felt what we thought to be a large aftershock from the September 7.1 quake. The result in Christchurch was quite different to what I experienced a few kms out however, and it appeared that the 5 km deep 6.3 was a new quake, which devastated Christchurch city and began a whole new series of aftershocks. Seismologically however, this quake was classed as an aftershock because of its relationship to the ongoing activity since September last year, even though it was on a completely different fault.

The 22 February 2011 earthquake fault runs beneath the Port Hills, right where my sister Maree and her family live. The two sides of the fault have moved past each other (slipped) by about 1.5 metres. The direction of the slip caused the Port Hills to rise by about 40 centimetres.

Enzo still intrigued...

Michelle was at work in the CBD at the time and thankfully she returned home safely. Tragically this time, many others were not as fortunate; 185 people lost their lives and 11,432 were badly injured.

Maree's home was very close to the epicentre and it took some damage. Thankfully no-one in the family was hurt. With no power or water and aftershocks consistently rattling through, we talked Maree and her family into moving in, outside the city with us.

The boys had some new company with 'cousin' Kelsey, Maree's Shetland Sheepdog coming to stay for a few days until power and water supply was restored to their Christchurch home.

Michelle with Newfoundland Enzo in the ring








The Malvern A&P show was held on 26 March 2011. We decided to take Henry & Enzo along and entered them into the dog show for fun.

Newfoundland Enzo wins Best in the A&P show







As it turned out Enzo scooped the pool and won Best in Show.

Newfoundland Enzo with his ice cream









Both dogs were shouted an ice cream for their efforts by Granddad Alan, and the ice cream man threw in a second one each as a treat.

Henry looking after Enzo while he recovers



While Enzo recovered from being unwell for a period of time during the winter of 2011 (as you can see in his eyes) Henry was absolutely brilliant, looking after his younger "brother" 24 / 7.

Newfoundland Enzo taking time out on the couch






In his usual style Enzo made the most of his convalescence time to relax and maybe catch a little motorsport on TV from the couch...

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