Newfoundland dog, Henry at 17 monthsAt 17 months of age, Henry had lost some puppy fat and leaned down to 61 kilos.

This is his "I'm up to no good" face, which probably means he is contemplating pursuing his favourite hobby… gardening. At this age Henry particularly enjoyed pruning young trees. It seems the plants need to be removed from the ground to be pruned properly. It is good form to leave the root ball at the back door for admiration.

Apart from his penchant for gardening Henry is extremely well behaved.

Newfoundland dogs Henry & Wellingon at Lake Coleridge



We feel very privileged to have the Southern Alps & a plethora of alpine lakes on our back door step. Here 17- month-old Henry and Wellington celebrate Wellington’s eleventh birthday with a winter dip in Lake Coleridge.

Newfoundlands love water




...Henry had a ball even though he is not yet an accomplished swimmer.

Newfoundland 'Kiwa' in action


Henry's older brother Kiwa however, has had lots of experience in the water and is a real aquatic pro.

Here's Kiwa doing a spot of diving at Lake Brunner.

(Photo courtesy Hadyn Surgenor)

Newfoundland Dog Henry at 18 months old






Henry is pictured here with Michelle at a Newfoundland Club walk in Bottle Lake Forest in Christchurch.

Here, Henry is eighteen months old and weighed around 63 kilos.

Newfoundland dog Henry at 20 months





Here's Henry at twenty months old. He and Wellington had been for a swim in Lake Coleridge and on the way home we couldn't resist this photo opportunity . Dog Box corner is an intersection in the middle of nowhere, up in New Zealand's Southern Alps.


Newfoundland Henry with his 'Grandparents'



At twenty months, Henry remained as cuddly as ever. Here he joins his 'Grandparents', Alan & Margaret, on the couch.

"Santa Bear"





Henry joined some of his Newfoundland friends to attend his first Christmas parade in 2007. Michelle decorated his backpack and as we walked through the streets, we heard children referring to Henry as "Santa Dog" or "Santa Bear".

After adjusting to the noise, Henry seemed to enjoy the event just as much as the kids.

Newfoundland Henry at 28 months



Where Henry lives in Canterbury NZ, the winter of 2008 took hold on June 7th and the first snow fell between 1:30pm and 5:00pm, giving coverage about 10cm deep.

Newfoundland Henry enjoying winter




Henry didn't experience snow at home the previous year and enjoyed the novelty this time around.


Henry at 28 months had leaned right down to around 61.5 kilos, which surprised us as he had consistently lost weight over the last few months.

Newfoundland dog Henry





However, he remained in fine condition and spirit...

...and the fact that we exercised him much more because his bones had developed has no doubt been the largest contributing factor.

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