Henry's fourth Birthday with St Henri




What better way for us to celebrate Henry's fourth birthday than with St Henri Shiraz.

The only problem from Henry's perspective was that he just got to look at the bottle...

Newfoundland Enzo at 19 months

Enzo is pictured here at 19 months old. He has been playing with the hose to keep cool on a hot summer's day and (left) looks quite pleased with himself. At this time he weighed 65 kilos.

Henry's hair style







One of Henry's many endearing features is his hairstyle, which he usually wears either like Bart Simpson or in a 'sixties rooster tail out the front.

Today appears to be a Bart day.

Henry the Newf





On this occasion Henry had adopted a third look with his hair up and back in a kind of Mohawk. It's sometimes hard to resist the temptation to add a bit of product...

Newfoundlands Henry & Enzo

It's great that now Enzo is becoming an adult our Newfy boys are still getting on really well. The main drawback for us is getting to the cupboards when they're snoozing in the kitchen.

Enzo, Poppy, Beau & Henry





March 14 2010 was a very warm autumn day. We met friends Nic & Dylan at Victoria dog park in Christchurch where Henry & Enzo spent some time with their dogs Poppy & Beau.

Newfoundlands Henry & Enzo with Michelle




All of the dogs appeared to enjoy the environment as well as the multitude of new canines to meet. As the morning warmed up the heat was getting a bit much for big shaggy coats so it was back to the air conditioning at home...roll on winter!

They've gotta come out sometime!



The boys appeared keen to attend the local Cat show of April 2010... but this is as close as we could get.

By May 2010 Enzo, at 22 months of age had grown to weigh 70.5 kgs and Henry was looking good at 63 kgs.

Newfoundland dog Enzo, almost two years of age




July 3rd 2010 brought a great respite from the winter rain so we met up with some friends and took the boys to the beach. Enzo had a great time.

Newfoundland dog Henry at the beach






Henry also enjoyed a mid winters' dip in the ocean. Neither could quite make out the unusual taste of the salt water...

Newfoundland Enzo supervises the preparation of his birthday dinner.



We started this page with Henry's fourth birthday, five months later Enzo turned two. Here Enzo is supervising the preparation of his chicken birthday dinner treat. Seeing what is happening on the kitchen bench is no problem for a Newfoundland.

Newfoundlands enjoying a mid winter swim


Sometimes there's nothing better than a mid winters' dip. Here's a sort of 'extended family' shot. Clockwise is Token, Henry's Aunt (unfortunately Henry's Mum Piat had recently passed), Enzo, Henry and in front of Henry is his Dad, Maverick.

Henry's Dad, Maverick




Henry's Dad, Maverick was pretty skilled at retrieving large sticks from the surf...

Newfoundland Enzo at the beach







We were fortunate that the first day of August 2010 was a warm winter day so our afternoon at the beach was a really good way to forget about the usual daily routine.

Enzo is pictured here enjoying an off-lead trot along the shore. He interacted really well with the other Newfs in his usual laid back style.

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