'First Snow on Malvern Hills Road'

Knife oil painting on canvas by Grant McSherry. 1219 mm x 762 mm.

Central Canterbury knife painting by Grant McSherry

In 2008 artist Grant McSherry began to explore and portray New Zealand’s magnificent vistas using painting knives, trading the detail of his brush paintings for the texture and movement that results from applying paint liberally with blades.

The artist adopted Monet’s colour palette of Madder Deep, Vermilion, Cadmium Yellow, Chrome Green and Cobalt blue to establish a further difference from his brush paintings where he employs his own colour palette, developed over the last ten years.

Artist Grant McSherry intends for his knife paintings to be vibrant, to extrude energy and while being quite different from his brush paintings, to meet the same overall objective of conveying a ‘sense of place’.

This knife painting is one of a set of four; each painting is the same size and each work in the set represents each of Monet’s colour groups. ‘First Snow on Malvern Hills Road’ is the blue painting.

‘First Snow on Malvern Hills Road’ is based on a photo the artist took locally the morning after the first snow of 2009.