Art supplies

Brush-n-palette (Christhurch) supply Maimeri oils as well as art supplies for Grant McSherry original brush paintings.

picture framing

City Art are framers for Grant McSherry original brush paintings.

Picture Framing Is Us retails and frames the full range of Grant McSherry art prints on paper.

newfoundland dogs

Yes, this is a link to our own site. An abundance of Newfoundland dog photos, information and stories.

Join us on facebook and keep up to date with new Newfoundland dog storylines on our website;

NewFashion bred Enzo, one of our Newfies.

Although Newfcorp don't currently breed Newfoundlands, their website is well worth a visit. Newfcorp bred Wellington, our first Newf, who was an incredibly popular hard case.

Paul Hutton is the Dog Psychologist who enabled us to handle Wellington, our first Newfoundland.

We are members of the Southern Newfoundland Society. Henry and Enzo attend some of the events (along with us).

Sula the Newfie is a resource website for Newfoundland dogs affected with Forelimb or Elbow Anomaly.