'Blue Day at Milford'

Oil painting on canvas by Grant McSherry. 1200 mm x 800 mm.

Milford Sound painting by Grant McSherry

Milford Sound boasts many magnificent sights in addition to Mitre Peak. The spot that inspired this painting is very accessible. You can stand in the same place without any difficulty. Dark, shadowy, brooding mountain ranges appear to thrust defiantly out of the fiord, into which they throw back great torrents of water. The landscape is framed by a 'Cabbage' tree which in itself is an icon of native New Zealand.The original, 'Blue Dat at Milford' by Grant McSherry is a large size oil painting, finished in a hand crafted, gold leaf frame.

Left: The original, 'Blue Day at Milford' is a large size oil painting, finished in a hand crafted, gold leaf frame.

While this oil painting is representative of Milford Sound, I think it differs from many of the other painted portrayals of this land/seascape. One of the more subtle differences is that here there is not a cloud in the sky. Although this is an infrequent occurrence it does happen…Milford Sound

When I paint I like to listen to music and when working on this painting, I was listening to classical music. I think that if it were possible to wring the music I was working with back out of this painting you might get almost pure Sibelius. They say his work conjures up images of Finland as not having been there I’m sure it does, but it seems to sit really well with Milford Sound as well.

As a New Zealand landscape painter I choose subjects that I think will continue to reveal more over time. I aspire to paint landscapes that people won’t get bored with looking at, and I trust this painting and print illustrates my philosophy.


Original painting 'Blue Day at Milford': oil on canvas
Original painting size: 1200mm x 800mm
The original oil painting 'Blue Day at Milford' is available for purchase NZD $9,500 + packaging & freight

Art prints: Limited edition (offset on paper) 750, hand numbered & signed. Large size: (image area) 720mm x 480mm
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Giclee reproductions: Limited to a maximum of 120 renditions of this work.
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