This section features Newfoundland dog pictures from our website visitors around the globe. We’d really like to see your Newfy dog photo, so if you think it’s great, please send it in. We are looking to publish the more interesting and creative Newfoundland photos to avoid having pages of pics that all look the same... Remember, you will need to send us some written detail including where on the world you live and, of course your Newfy’s name. We can’t give a guarantee that your photo will be published but we promise to email you back and let you know.

Newfoundland Ben from Vancouver



The beautiful brown Newfoundland on the left and below is Ben from Vancouver, Washington.

Newfoundland Ben from Vancouver



Like Wellington, Ben loves the snow. Ben is pictured to the right with one of his many carts, giving his 'Stuffie' a ride. Mt St Helens is in the background. Thanks Pat, for your magnificent photos.

Newfoundland Coco


Coco was just over two years old when pictured here. She lives on the East coast of the US along with Chanel, a Golden Retriever, who is one month older than her.

Elena tells us that Coco loves whipped cream and beef jerkey, just not together.

Newfoundland Summer from Beijing





Summer lives in Beijing with Chan who tells us that when this picture was taken Summer was two months old and weighed in at 9 Kilos.

Newfoundland Ike from Western Australia


Ike lives with Colin, Lottie and Dan in Western Australia in air conditioned comfort. He has a big pool in his back yard, which is great, because Like nearly all Newfs, Ike loves to swim. Lottie tells us that Ike started swimming at just 8 weeks old. He also loves walking in the bush in the early mornings and going for romps on the beach.
Lottie says her family is so blessed to have a Newf...someday they may even have two!

Newfoundland Nova from Massachusetts



Back across the other side of the world in Massachusetts, lives Nova the Landseer.

Nova lives with Joann...

Newfoundland Lark from Massachusetts


...And sister Lark, who enjoys the snow.

Lark is also pretty fond of her smaller friends including her Chihuahua cousin and three week old piglet Charlotte.

Newfoundland Morgan from Northern Ireland



Regular visitors to these pages will have met Morgan from Northern Ireland when he was just eight weeks old. Here Morgan is four months old.

Diane says he just loves his water...drinking it, playing in it and swimming.


Newfoundland Sophie from Geneso, IL.



Meet Sophie. Sophie, pictured here at six months old lives with Nancy & Rick in Geneseo, IL.

Newfoundlander Eliza from Germany



Eliza, from Germany was born June 13 2005. Her Dad Arno says "She is intelligent, fearless and for a Newfy very vivacious". She loves to play with other dogs and is happy if there is any water for swimming."

Newfoundland Molly from Berkshire, EnglandThis sandy girl is Molly, from Berkshire, England. Denise and David adopted Molly when she was three. Molly is now nine and weighs in at 55 kgs.

Molly loves to swim with David. She is pictured here on holiday at the Outer Hebrides, and is quite possibly thinking about her next curry, which is her favourite food.

Newfoundland Hugo from Queensland, Australia

Eighteen month old Hugo lives with Meagan in Queensland, Australia.

The beach is a big part of their lives and having learned to swim at 16 weeks, no lessons required, Hugo is a real water dog. Meagan sometimes finds swimming difficult due to Hugo's relentless rescue attempts.

Hugo is pictured here with Ted, who has been a favourite companion since he was eight weeks old.

Newfoundland Clancy from Grass Valley, CA.



To the left, Clancy from Grass Valley, CA prepares for a car ride with owner Jerusha.

Clancy was a Newfoundland Rescue dog who had behavioral "issues".

Clancy experienced a cruciate ligament problem, which is fairly common in Newfoundlands. Clancy's weight reduced from 180 lbs to a leaner 130 lbs on instruction from the surgeon following surgery. He is now back up and around and is currently learning to cart.

Clancy's owners say that he is the only dog they have seen who can get drool to the ceiling!