Southern Alps, Canterbury, New Zealand

New Zealand experienced a harsh dash of winter between June 20 and June 22 2013. The snow in Canterbury didn't settle, possibly due to the huge amount of rain that preceded the southerly which brought the snow. We decided that since the snow didn't really come to us, we would go to it... so we made the short drive into the Southern Alps.

Newfoundland Enzo enjoying the snow

The Newfy boys were pretty excited by the trip

Henry the Newfoundland dog






and we had fun with some winter photography





Newfoundlands Henry and Enzo




As it appeared that half of Christchurch had the same idea as us in regard to going to the snow there was plenty for Newfoundlands Henry and Enzo to look at!

Newfoundlands Enzo & Henry looking very pleased with themselves at Erewhon

The following week we went for a bit more solitude and serenity so we headed for 'Erewhon', which is pretty much 'nowhere' spelled backwards. Here the Newfoundland boys are looking very pleased with themselves as they check out some of New Zealand's awesome winter vistas.

After years of contemplating a Newfoundland dog oil painting, it's finally here. Although Henry & Enzo were models, the painting is intended to be about Newfs rather than a pet portrait. Just 195 limited edition art prints on canvas are now available, more info on the painting 'Someone to watch over me' here.




Enzo appears to find the local fire siren to be quite musical and enjoys singing along. Michelle captured a performance (with a fleeting guest appearance by Henry) on her phone.

This link takes you to the short movie on our facebook page it might take a few seconds to connect.

Enzo singing to the town siren




We took a short break in October 2013 to visit the French festival at Akaroa, Canterbury, NZ.

The boys were inundated with people and...well...the odd lamb wearing a shirt was there too.




Enzo clearly didn't know what to make of the lamb in sleeves. In fact, he appeared to find it all a bit much really.

Finally it was time to relax at Little Akaloa...





...and do some posing. There was lots of snoring and 'sleep talking' that night (quite possibly about lambs in shirts)...which meant not much sleep for us.

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