New Zealand (NZ) oil paintings by Grant McSherry

New Zealand artist Grant McSherry interprets NZ experiences through oils on linen and canvas. His oil painting projects begin when Grant travels throughout New Zealand looking for the “right” images to work with. He often returns to the same area several times to find exactly what he seeks. “Rather than simply taking photos and copying them, my process is about understanding what drives each image and what elements project the feeling I want to capture. My challenge is to successfully develop that” says Grant.

"Art is a human expression; an artist’s paintings are unique, like fingerprints. For me painting is about combining my individuality and creative ability to reinvent my own experiences and sense of place. I consider my oil paintings to be entities of presence rather than mere images, soulful in comparison to the digitally created and enhanced imagery we consume daily. I don’t limit my work by the constraints of today’s general mantra of ‘quick and cheap’… My art takes time and energy and it demands the use of quality materials - my paintings carry my name."

Grant McSherry New Zealand landscape oil paintings are generally large art works (the dimensions of each painting is on this site). All original oil Paintings are varnished and brush paintings are completed with a quality frame chosen by the artist.

Grant works with quality products and permanent pigments, meaning his oil paintings are created to stand the test of time.

Grant McSherry Brush Paintings.

Grant McSherry is renowned for his brush paintings. The finished paintings capture the light and detail of New Zealand’s magnificent landscapes.

Each Grant McSherry oil painting is a major project, taking a month or more of full time work to complete. Because of the time he spends on these works his brush paintings are his premium product. He says “I think a good painting should continually inspire thought and interest. You should be able to perceive new things in a piece of art for quite some time after you have installed it.”

Grant McSherry uses his photographs as blueprints to retain accuracy in terms of form, as authenticity is an important aspect of his paintings. The core values of his brush paintings are detail, accuracy, use of light, sense of depth and sense of place. Grant McSherry brush oil paintings are in collections both within and outside New Zealand.

Grant McSherry Knife Paintings.

When Grant McSherry returned to oil painting in 2000, his intention was to paint using painting knives. He decided, however, that he would spend time re - familiarising himself with brushes before moving on to explore a different method of creating artwork. However, Grant’s brush painting continued to progress so well that it wasn’t until 2008 that he finally picked up his painting knives.

“In 2008 I began to explore and portray New Zealand’s majestic vistas using painting knives, trading the detail of my brush paintings for the texture and movement that results from applying paint liberally with blades.

I adopted Monet’s colour palette of Madder Deep, Vermilion, Cadmium Yellow, Chrome Green and Cobalt blue to establish a further difference from my brush paintings where I employ my own colour palette, developed over the last ten years.

I intend for my knife paintings to be vibrant, to extrude energy and while being quite different from my brush paintings, to still meet the same overall objective of conveying a ‘sense of place’.”

Own a Grant McSherry Original.

If you would like to own an original Grant McSherry New Zealand landscape oil painting, either a painting that is available on this site or a work commissioned by you, please make initial contact by email or Skype. You will be able to see which paintings are available for sale and the price of each on this website. Please note that while the oil painting itself becomes the property of the purchaser, the copyright and the only rights to reproduce the painting in any way remain with Grant McSherry.